Modern pendant lighting vs. traditional chandeliers

Lighting plays a huge role in making a home, and the interior of a building appear attractive. Not only will the interior of a building look beautiful, but there will also be ample light to do about anything. However, from time to time you might be caught up in a dilemma on whether to choose the Modern pendant lighting or the traditional chandeliers. The brighter side is that after reading this, you will get a grip on the taste that entices you based on the properties they possess. Material ...

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How to light up a living room

A living room is one the essential places in a home; this is where you get to spend and cherish most of your time together with family and friends. Admittedly, a vital place such as the living room should have good lighting which should make you feel comfortable at any time of the day or night. So how can you light up a living room nicely? What changes are supposed to be done to have a beautifully lit living room where anyone can enjoy spending ample time in?

How to light up a country house

The good thing about a country house is the peaceful and surrounding serenity that is just satisfying. Good lighting should be done in a country house to enhance the comfortable surroundings. To make that sure, you should ensure that the lighting is distributed in a proper manner.

  • Since a country house is well spaced, it would be lovely to light it up through chandeliers
A country house would be the perfect place to put up a chandelier. Most chandeliers are large and at...

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Timeless artworks. Handmade luxury is born in Florence. Handmade and luxury chandeliers made in Italy

Italy is a country which has many useful, luxurious and elegant artifacts.  The craftsmanship is on another level. Right from the beginning, many fine specimens have been created by the artists over there. Chandeliers which were made back then, just show that Italian traditions were all about proper focus on lighting. Even though some of the chandeliers were lit by candles, it was the start of some good designs which exist to this date. Italy is considered as the birthplace of chandeliers be...

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Chandelier between Tradition and Contemporary

Chandeliers are probably the most popular and the oldest decorative objects, which have never lost their popularity over centuries. The traditions of using Chandelier is more than 800 years old, and in this span, the designs have evolved and blended to create more modern patterns according to the taste and budget of the present world. With the progress in technology, even the chandeliers reflect the modern look and feel. Traditionally, chandeliers were associated royalty and aristocracy. Elabor...

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Lighting Made in Italy

Italian lighting has been a trendsetter with their contemporary designs, to fit the needs of today’s world. Italian brands are the most sought after, as their designers bring the latest and the most innovative trends for the living spaces. If a lighting brand has a ‘Made in Italy’ label on it, it is associated with class and style. Quality with longevity is the main focus of Italian designers. Materials are chosen carefully to create an aesthetic balance that is the lighting manufactures ...

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Italian craftsmanship

When we say ‘Italy,’ the first thing that strikes our mind is the beautiful art and architecture which can be found in every nook and corner of Italy. Italy is famous for its craftsmanship and the and is known for the countless masterpieces for centuries. Italian traditions have remained unchanged for centuries, even if they have evolved and modernized themselves to a certain extent. Workshops, studios and art galleries, still attract visitors and art lovers from across the globe, who want ...

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