Lighting Made in Italy

Italian lighting has been a trendsetter with their contemporary designs, to fit the needs of today’s world. Italian brands are the most sought after, as their designers bring the latest and the most innovative trends for the living spaces. If a lighting brand has a ‘Made in Italy’ label on it, it is associated with class and style.
Quality with longevity is the main focus of Italian designers. Materials are chosen carefully to create an aesthetic balance that is the lighting manufactures of Italy seek. Their passion and care with which they create each individual piece, speaks for itself. Each piece is beautifully handcrafted to give your living spaces a new meaning. The Italian designers take pride in their craft to bring the best to the world. This is what makes Italian lighting special and the most sought-after lighting brands.

Most luxurious lighting brands of Italy

Banci – we are one such lighting brand which is an example of Florence craftsmanship. Banci collections are timeless pieces and have a history of more than a hundred years of transformation, which has progressed from classic to contemporary. Our products have a sophistication that links them to the rich history of the place. Our designs create harmony to the living spaces along with a focus on practicality.
We also specialize in handcrafted customized products created by Florentine master craftsmen. Our products are not just made in Italy, we are individually handcrafted making each piece unique. Banci Chandeliers have a distinctive ‘gold leaf decoration’ making it their particular brand. Banci even restores old chandeliers and gives them a new life so you can enjoy your new piece again. We have exclusive products made with Swarovski crystals, Murano glass, Rosa di Capodimonte, or Quarzo di Rocca.


Italy has always been associated with elegance, tradition, art, and beauty. The Italian artisans, even today stand-by that tradition and bring it to the world in their artistry. Their passion and the pride that they take in their culture can be seen through their work.