Modern pendant lighting vs. traditional chandeliers

Lighting plays a huge role in making a home, and the interior of a building appear attractive. Not only will the interior of a building look beautiful, but there will also be ample light to do about anything. However, from time to time you might be caught up in a dilemma on whether to choose the Modern pendant lighting or the traditional chandeliers. The brighter side is that after reading this, you will get a grip on the taste that entices you based on the properties they possess.


First of all, the elements which are used to make these lighting sources differ. A modern pendant is made from metal, acrylic, wood, and fabric. Artistic elements can also be incorporated to create a contemporary pendant more appealing; there’s no limit on to creativity. On the other hand, straight from the beginning, in the 18th century, chandeliers were made of glass and crystals. Italy had already perfected that art since they are creating decorative lights from historical times.


If you take a closer and keener look at the structure of these two, there is a notable difference. The modern pendant lights hang from a single chain and cord, and this makes it less decorative. When it comes to the chandelier, an attractive and catchy look has been incorporated into it. A chandelier has lights branching from the sides to build up a tier system which looks so appealing.


Most chandeliers are quite massive and huge; this is why they should be put up in spacious rooms especially halls. This does not mean the chandeliers are only meant for spacious rooms, no, some are customized for smaller rooms as well. A pendant lighting is more compatible with small rooms this is since it is just simple as it appears without too many light sources.


Pendant lighting lends a simple and attractive appearance to a room since it’s not that complicated. Likewise, a chandelier is in another level of charm. Perhaps you have seen some Murano-glass-chandeliers which are made in Italy; the feeling that you get after that is just not normal. Most of the times, Chandeliers are used to bring elegance and some style to a room this is why they were installed in Big Royal palaces in the 18th century and before that.


The materials which are used to make these light sources need constant maintenance which differs on the type of material used. Chandeliers with intricate designs on the glass will take more time to do some cleaning and grooming. On the other hand, pendant lighting requires less attention but, still, it needs some maintenance.

Well, the two lighting sources have pretty good features starting from the material they are made to elegance and style. The difference between the modern pendant lighting and the chandeliers may have different effects based on the house and building they are being installed.