Banci, founded in 1899, proudly represents the very Italian concept of "artfully made": born in the  Florentine neighborhood  Oltrarno, initially as  glassmakers, the company soon began its way with the restoration of chandeliers,  and then quickly moved to the production, craftsmanship of handmade and  high quality  lightings . In the sixties, Banci grew up, but  without  losing sight of its roots. Generation after generation, the company today is  positioning itself as a reference point for the production of chandeliers and luxury lighting systems.  In over a century, Banci  has grown and become world famous  for  beauty and uniqueness of its timeless artistic creations . The world has changed,  but Banci is still today synonymous of the  craftsmanship traditions in the creation of lighting systems.

  • Unique, personalized, designed pieces, because they are handmade;
  • Made in Italy & italian style;
  • Study of shapes and materials;
  • Tradition and innovation;
  • Exclusive works



Design of lamps and chandeliers, but also wall lightning, wall lamps, bases for lamps and furniture objects, is conceived and worked with an acute sensitivity for beauty, using the techniques of the past, sometimes combined with advanced technologies and often with a strong commitment to innovation


In Banci we think that the most perfect working machine is a long experience; that the best quality control is a careful eye. This is why we put our craftsmen at the center of the creative and productive process. The ability to work with precious and complex materials, passion and style are qualities that possesses only an expert craftsman. And that makes our lighting a unique work of art.


We have never moved from the heart of Florence. Because thinking about beauty and building it is in our DNA as well as in our city. Because the opportunity to admire the masterpieces of the past, stimulates us to create our masterpieces. We have never moved from the heart of Florence, because we have Florence in the heart