Timeless artworks. Handmade luxury is born in Florence. Handmade and luxury chandeliers made in Italy

Italy is a country which has many useful, luxurious and elegant artifacts.  The craftsmanship is on another level. Right from the beginning, many fine specimens have been created by the artists over there. Chandeliers which were made back then, just show that Italian traditions were all about proper focus on lighting. Even though some of the chandeliers were lit by candles, it was the start of some good designs which exist to this date.

Italy is considered as the birthplace of chandeliers because in the 18th-century Italian glassmakers and artisans had already mastered the art of making chandeliers. The idea of the chandelier lighting started to spread, and it did not take long before more designs came in. Refraction was the primary aim of changing the design to ensure more bending of the light so that the chandelier can look classy and appealing.

Additionally, the taste in glass got better since factories in Murano, Italy started making a unique type of glass which is currently known as “Murano Glass.” The manufacture of this glass brought about the invention of more and more lighting pieces. Still, the chandelier was still undergoing some improvements to become more appealing in a complex manner. Color and some patterned designs of flowers, fruits, and leaves were added to the chandelier to upgrade it and take it to another level. This became unique and intrigued some good feelings even amongst the users.

Another feature that made the chandelier more unique than the other lighting sources in the world during that time was the decoration to resemble a polychrome flower. Indeed, time and dedication were taken to come up with that design in Italy. At that time, the chandelier got a unique Italian name “Ciocca” which means a bunch of beautiful flowers.

The Murano chandelier which was lightly coated with some brass metal got a new use, and it was put up in many cinemas and theatres across Italy and the whole of Europe particularly. After electricity got the critical ‘status’ in Europe, it was necessary to ensure some changes to bring about lighting through electricity. Chandeliers were developed to accommodate lighting through bulbs since there was a change in time which came with the need to change the lighting source.

Chandeliers were created in Italy, and now they have spread all over the world. It is something that brings in good status and pride to Italy. Now, it is near impossible to pass a city without a single chandelier in it. Palaces and castles have some of the most prominent chandeliers ever in the world.

So, Italy is like the mother of the invention of chandeliers. Murano glass which dates from centuries back, is in use up to the present day, mostly in homes to add a stylish elegance. There’s nothing more comforting in a living room than having a beautiful chandelier that brings some good feelings.