Banci is a historic furniture company, founded in 1899 in Florence.

Since its foundation, we never desisted from creating design pieces of great prestige. After over a century of hard working, behind each of our products there are still the hands of our skillful Florentine artisans who impregnate every piece with their passion. 

This allows us to realise unique design objects, characterised by an extreme customisation that fascinates people all around the globe.

The value of every product is to be found in the cornerstones that always distinguished us in the furniture field: the creation of a piece realised by hand and one-of-a-kind, that moves away from mass production and shows its authentic uniqueness fully.

In more than 120 years of activity, we pursued and developed our concept of light, thanks to which we were able to design our lighting products.

Our incessant research of the sense of light stimulated a continuous evolution, that lead us firstly to create something more traditional like the SuperClassic collection, then to experiment with the contemporary values in SHAPES, and now to express ourselves with a more essential and modern line like TXT.

TXT deSIGN Collection is a line of  highly personalisable furniture pieces. Its aim is to let everybody create the piece of their dreams. Everyone has the opportunity to customise their own product through the highest form of personalisation: the letters.

In fact, letters compose the alphabet: a series of rational signs that the humankind invented to communicate many centuries ago. It's a medium for self-expression that is at the base of our language, that allows to leave a visible and recognizable sign.

Through the TXT deSIGN Collection we want to evoke this fundamental aspect of the human social life. It's a line of modern products, simplified by any decoration to reach the pure essentiality, where everything that remains is the man's message: clear, univocal and free from any misunderstanding. We focus just on what we want to transmit with words and shapes.


The TXT Table, which opens the doors of the new collection, has linear and simple shapes. In the TXT deSIGN Collection, the four usual table legs assume a new shape: letters and symbols.

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