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    Classic products and designers, because beauty can be experienced depending on your taste with decorations and finishes among the most sought after and exclusive. Find out why choosing Banci is choosing Quality & Uniqueness



    Beauty can not be questioned: it reigns by divine right. (Oscar Wilde)

The creature

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In Banci, lamps and our other items are "pieces" of recollections, that are included in a non-serial production that, despite having an industrial organization, remains artisanal with very high quality standards. Banci today is a result of more than hundred years long transformation history, which progresses from the classic approach to imagination. This translates "Made in Italy" products into "Italian style" products- combining ingenuity, craftsmanship and tradition to create a contemporary style characterized by materials, finishes and a sophisticated link with the past. The decor, the formal and the practical enrichment, the fine and not superfluous finish, are an integral part of the Banci projects and products: a space of freedom that nourishes creativity and gives harmony to the forms.



On the symbolic level, metals like Iron and Brass embody eternity, permanence and timelessness. Compared to wood, these metals evoke solidity but also hardness.
Created by the Gods, metals are among the noblest creations of the earth and the iron-smiths, once feared and venerated, are the artisans of peace. Gold is at the top of these symbolic characteristics.
The symbolism of gold. Coincides with the symbol of the sacred, the very substance of the Gods and because of its rarity and, therefore, its value, it is a symbol of wealth and power.



The company philosophy is based on the renowned Italian quality of modeling and hand-making, with a production process still completely within the company. This is the strength of the Banci chandeliers, which can be customized and delivered very quickly, to meet even the most complex requirements.

  • Lighting and custom’made furniture;
  • Handcrafted work by Florentine masters;
  • Products Made in Italy  made by hand;
  • All tailor-made, which makes your chandelier unique.




Our artisans are the best in transforming the iron with their own hands, giving  it  light .  Passion, from the designer to the craftsman, can be recognized in every Banci chandelier. Distinctive elements of Banci chandeliers are the "gold leaf decoration", which expresses opulence and the baroque, typical of many company items and the "hand-woven crystal", which represents the precision and diligence of manual work, enhancing the quality of each individual chandelier.


From design to construction

Customized design

Tradition, metamorphosis, naturalness, imagination, craftsmanship: combining all these ingredients, Banci will be able to customize your chandelier according to your taste. All enriched and finished with glass, crystal, gold, leather, everything you want.


Banci is also the reference point for those who want to restore its chandelier, wall lights or their ceiling lights. Our artisans will bring back your lightings to its original quality and you will be able to enjoy your jewel again. Contact us.


The Banci style is recognized above all by craftsmanship. The processing of iron or brass, as well as the choice and assembly of each accessory are strictly handmade. Each stage of processing fully respects Florentine craftsmanship traditions, and the product that comes out is a luxury product made in Italy.


Banci with its chandeliers and its other products is a reference point in the world of luxury lighting. We illuminate and furnish palaces , luxury hotels, Spa ... With our evolution and transformation today we are also the reference point for those who simply want to have a handmade product but with modern or contemporary design.


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The creature | Rosa Onda

The creature

Banci merges ”art and light” in a superlative union, making its “jewels" unique and inimitable. The mix of craftsmanship and technology, anticipated by a flash of genius, has allowed us to create a revolutionary lighting system that will possess your home becoming its protagonist, making it unique

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The chandeliers make every room more elegant and create a light suitable for any situation. Chandeliers Banci have a unique style that develops starting from classic chandeliers, but has also crossed the world of modern chandeliers.

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Chandeliers | 12.4834
Lamp bases | 55.1984

Lamp bases

Table lamps, precious and indispensable accessories present in every work, study and relaxation environment, combine the optimal lighting characteristics with a refined design, which makes them even more desirable and pleasing to the eye.

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Floor lamps

Floor lamps are important aesthetic elements that, due to the considerable function of furniture they cover, must guarantee not only an excellent performance in terms of lighting, but also a design finished in every detail, which fits perfectly into the environment.

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Floor lamps | 64.2922
Ceiling lamps | 75.1219

Ceiling lamps

The designer ceiling lights are essential furnishings that capture the looks of guests attentive to style details: bright gems to embellish with a touch of the artist every little corner of your everyday life.

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Wall lighting

BANCI wall lamps and wall lamps. A timeless beauty manifested through contemporary forms, fruit of years and years of experience and professionalism in the sector.

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Wall lighting | 41.7086
Furniture | 87.6293


A transversality of solutions ranging from fabric or leather sofas to living room furniture, from furnishings for the bedroom or kitchen, from wooden or glass living room tables to furnishing accessories and accessories for the house.

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