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Italian craftsmenship enclosed in
unique, majestic and luxurious products.

Caveau is an experience, which will let you discover never-before-seen items,
with unusual and valuable materials.
The processing of semi-precious and precious stones is combined with the traditional processing of wrought iron and crystals
to create unrepeatable beautiful objects.

"Incomparable and unrepeatable"

Thanks to our artisan tradition, each Banci Firenze product is unique and special, but in the new Caveau Experience the concept of uniqueness becomes even stronger and more preponderant. In collaboration with the designer Marika Tardio the inspiration and the idea of ​​having Florence and its monuments as inspiration was born. Inspiration that has helped us to create articles completely shaped according to the needs of our customers, using even more precious materials such as lapis lazuli, malachite and many other precious materials. Articles for interior lighting that become priceless works of art like those that could be found in a secret Caveau.

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